An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

Services for children, women, elderly, mental health, wellness, sexual health.

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健康儿童 (Child health)


健康儿童访视 (Well Child Tamariki Ora visits) (external link)

健康儿童Tamariki Ora是为所有年龄在6周至5岁孩子的家庭提供的一系列免费健康访视和支持的项目 (The Well Child Tamariki Ora programme is a series of health visits and support that are free to all families for children from around 6 weeks up to 5 years of age)。


对5岁以下儿童的支持 (Support for Children Under 5) link)


14岁以下儿童免费 (Zero fees for under 14) link)


儿童免疫接种 (Child immunisation) link)

“免疫咨询中心” 是一个独立的信息机构,它提供有关免疫接种和疫苗可预防疾病的信息。


妊娠和新生儿筛查 (Pregnancy and Newborn Screening) link)



婴儿与儿童如何使用扑热息痛 (Paracetamol use in babies and children)

这本小册子提供了如何安全地为婴儿和儿童使用扑热息痛的相关信息,请点击 Click here [PDF, 947 KB]


奥克兰青年人服务提供者 (Youth service providers in Auckland)

Youth Service Providers - Auckland Region [PDF, 542 KB]


妇女健康 (Women's health)


乳房筛查服务 (Breast screening services) link)



子宫颈筛查服务 (Cervical screening services) link)



妇女健康与家庭基金会 (Well Women & Family Trust) (external link)

子宮頸檢查服務 (Cervical Screening Options for Women in the Auckland Region [PDF, 886 KB]


妊娠和新生儿筛查 (Pregnancy and Newborn Screening) link)



长者服务 (Elder care) link)

(New Zealand offers a wide range of services to help the elderly in New Zealand. They include home care, financial support, social support, rest homes and retirement villages). 


精神健康服务 (Mental health services) link)

您所在地区精神健康服务的详细信息 (Details for mental health services in your area)。 

Mental health advice for coping after a traumatic event link)

健康和保健项目 (Health & Wellness)


(Green Prescription (GRx) is a referral based health and wellness programme for adults 18 years and over. It is best suited for adults who would like support and motivation to get active and improve their lifestyle. It is delivered through group sessions in various communities in:)

Sport Auckland Green Prescription Flyer click here [PDF, 191 KB]
Sport Auckland Active Families Flyer click here [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Harbour Sport (North and West Auckland) Green Prescription Flyer click here [PDF, 6.8 MB]

性健康 (Sexual health)

Sexual health and contraception services 

家庭计划/计划生育 (Family Planning) link)

Auckland Regional Sexual Health Clinic link)

HealthySex link)

亚裔支持服务 (Asian support)

 亚裔健康服务 Asian Health Services link)

(Waitematā DHB only)(仅限怀特马特医管局)

iCare Call Centre Ph. 09 442-3232 (Mon to Fri, 9am  to 4pm)
- GP enrolment & booking for Mandarin, Cantonese & Korean speaking community people
- Free telephone interpreting service for GP appointments 
- Asian Breast Screen Support

 亚洲网络公司 (The Asian Network Incorporated)

(Aims to raise awareness about the issues faced by Asian peoples in the Auckland region) link)

亚裔家庭服务中心 (Asian Family Services, 简称 AFS) link)

华社服基金会 (The CNSST Foundation) link)