An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities



Check your eligibility link)

查看您是否符合条件/有资格使用免费公立医疗服务, 请登陆 (To check your eligibility and entitlement for publically funded healthcare visit) 



To find your nearest family doctor, pharmacy or Accident & Medical Clinic (Urgent Care Clinic) visit (external link)


健康指南 (Health Navigator)

提供可信赖的新西兰健康相关的信息,信息栏以首字母顺序A-Z排列(Find reliable, trust worthy New Zealand-focused health information from A-Z) link)



这些课程是免費提供給懷特馬塔醫管局基礎健康和二級健康服務的工作者。獲取更多關於免費課程、資格、登記和網上資源,請登陸 link)

新西兰卫生体系 (The NZ Health System)

新西兰卫生体系的一般信息,包括在不同情况下您应该去哪里就医,以及多语种资讯 (General information on the NZ Health System, where you should go to get health care. Includes factsheets and flyers in multiple langauges)。

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免费咨询建议 (Free Advice)

Get health advice from a registered nurse, or discuss wider issues with Citizens Advice of the Health & Disability Comission.

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寻找... (Finding a...)

How to find a midwife, dentist, physiotherapist or optometrist.

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中文视频 (Chinese Videos)

Video overviews on the NZ Health System in Mandarin.

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健康服务 (Health services)

Services for children, women, elderly, mental health, wellness, sexual health.

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帮助热线 (Helplines)

Phone numbers you can call to get help in times of need.

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奥克兰的区域卫生局 (District Health Boards (DHBs) in the Auckland region)

区域卫生局(DHBs) 负责提供或募集资金用于其所在地区的健康以及残疾人护理的服务。在奥克兰有3个区域卫生局:

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奥克兰初级卫生保健机构 (Primary Health Organisations in Auckland)


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