An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

How to find a midwife, dentist, physiotherapist or optometrist.


预约助产士 (Finding a midwife)

产科服务消费者协会 (The Maternity Services Consumer Council) link) 


新西兰助产学院 (The New Zealand College of Midwives) link)


预约牙医 (Finding a dentist)

新西兰牙医协会 (The Dental Council of New Zealand) link)


预约理疗师 (Finding a physiotherapist)

新西兰理疗师公会 (The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists) link)


预约验光师 (Finding an optometrist)

新西兰验光师协会 (The New Zealand Association of Optometrists) link)